Cross Roads Global Methodist Church believes, lives, and teaches:

We believe that all are welcome and invited to attend worship with us as we grow in our personal relationship with God through Jesus. We will not reject anyone based on race, sexual orientation, past mistakes, personal, or family history. All are welcome to experience God’s great love by grace as we journey in faith together.

We believe in One God, who is Almighty, Righteous, and Eternal, who created, sustains, and has dominion over all that is physical and spiritual, all that is temporal and eternal.

We believe in Jesus Christ God’s only son, who was born into this world from God through a woman. He lived a perfect life and taught righteousness. He died to pay for eternal salvation of anyone who would accept his gift. He rose again from the dead. He is alive throughout eternity, he reigns as King of Kings. He desires a personal relationship with everyone who lives upon the earth.

We believe in the Holy Spirit, who is Comforter and Guide, who protects and assists believers in their spiritual journey.

We believe in eternal life that is available to any person of any age and any station of life who has renounced their sins and accepted the Lordship of Jesus into their life. As believers reflect on the joy of our salvation, we long to share this gift with others.

We believe in Christian Perfection. God calls us to be Holy as He is Holy. We can become a new creation, perfectly loving others as we reflect God’s righteousness in our life. As believers, we see progress in our growth, we are encouraged to continue in our spiritual journey.

We believe in The Bible as God’s Holy written revelation to our world. It contains all instructions necessary to build our life of faith in this world and into eternity.

We believe that the church is God’s representation upon the earth. The church is called to attract the lost, comfort the suffering, teach The Truth to all, while extending grace and hope to all whom we encounter.

We believe that the home is the basic foundation of the human society. God designed the home to be built one man and one woman living in a married union through honor and respect, as they grow in their faith relationship with God. All adults and children of each generation, are equally respected and protected, regardless of marital status, parental status, mental, or spiritual capacity as we encourage one another and engage in various ministries.

We believe that it is by God’s Great Grace that we can understand any of God’s activities in this life. We are deeply thankful for His Divine Grace.